The Lonely Arts Club is a start-from-scratch community effort blooming wildly from under the ‘Freeze’ of the greater Seattle area. By creating a space for people to share experiences, stories and creative pursuits, we can come together in a meaningful and inclusive way.

US: We’re a curated (picking and choosing interesting things and people around the city!) and self-aware (equal parts serious, bizarre and humorous, just like Seattle) online magazine (for now!). We recognize that as working artists ourselves, we’re not just writing for a general audience, we’re writing for each other too.

YOU: An audience member, regular-joe, artist, funny person, author, arts activist, arts business owner or community builder hell-bent on showcasing Seattle for what it really is: A creative collection of astonishingly talented people doing extraordinary things.

Collectively, we will melt this freeze together.

Would you like to contribute? Shake off the frost of hesitation and reach out to us: lonelyartsclubseattle@gmail.com