10 More Seattle Artists Want to Make You Smile Today

Hi, we love you, and we’re getting through this together. Here are 10 more artists (musicians, writers, comedians, poets and more – See the previous post!) that want to make you smile today. This will be a running series as long as we get entries. Please send your art to lonelyartsclubseattle@gmail.com. ❤

Goldsuit, a painter based in Capitol Hill, works to bring a sense of joy, mischief, and playfulness to her audience through her large-scale paintings of whimsical characters.

Genevieve St. Charles

As a multimedia artist from the frozen Midwest, Julian Lepke is well prepared for weeks of isolation in Seattle, with or without TV.



Miya Sukune is a visual artist based on Vashon Island, WA, who draws and paints at her easel.

Woody Shticks is a comic stripper making trouble in Seattle.

Learn more about Madison Holland here

Emily Wamsley is a tin collage artist.

“I cut up tin and nail it to wood to make things I love!”

“Ahhhh I Love You”

Magnolia has lived in the PNW her entire life, making art on whatever was available (arms, couches, shoes).

Victoria Jendretzke is a watercolor artist and urban sketcher based in Sammamish, WA.

Leaving Logic, Kate Karkins

Kate Harkins paints women, real or otherwise known, she wants to pass the mic to. Kate shows at Columbia City Gallery and Core Gallery.


Phi Nguyen

“I posted these drawings for free on my website in print quality for folks to download and color their stress away. I will post new drawings for download every week!”


Sarah E. Miller

Marshmallow-in-Chief of the Lonely Arts Club

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