These 10 Seattle Artists Want to Make You Smile Today

Hi, we love you, and we’re getting through this together. Here are 10 artists (musicians, writers, comedians, poets and more) that want to make you smile today. This will be a running series as long as we get entries. Please send your art to ❤

Willow Heath is Seattle teaching artist and painter of galaxies and portraits.

Alicia’s dog, Belle

Alicia Harvey is primarily an acrylic portrait and figurative artist, but will “art” with whatever floats their boat at the time.

The Funhouse Family

This is a filmed sketch we did in the fall 2018 called the “Fuckboi PSA”. It is a satirical public service announcement about the dangers of fuckbois.
The Funhouse Family is dedicated to unifying artists through absurdism.
Facebook: @funhousefam | Instagram: @funhousefam | Twitter: @funhousefam
YouTube: The Funhouse Family

Teresa Ettle is a collage artist living on Bainbridge Island.

“I buy vintage and antique paper, books, magazines and everything in between. I cut them all up, never making copies because a great deal of the fun for me is imagining who held the sheet music from the 1920s, or who hand colored the flowers from the German book well over 150 years ago.”

IG @tess.collage

My name is Kayla Cabe.

“I have lived in Seattle since 2013; Originally from Cartersville, Georgia.  I love the artist community here and the beautiful scenery. I mostly work with acrylic paint but I’m always experimenting with new mediums and techniques.”

IG: @kaylacabepaints

Mariaugh Maestas

“My partner Zach Warnes wrote this and recorded it while I was pregnant with our daughter. It was a time of significant transition for us both, and a lot of anxiety for him. I sang back up vocals, and I love this song.”

🎶Listen to the song HERE.

New! Survival Ramen Pouch | 2019

Akira Ohiso

“I consider myself a digital loiterer. I see digital content as the modern readymade – an image of Duchamp’s urinal instead of the urinal.”

Wicked Laugh

Ashley Topacio is a multidisciplinary artist born and living in Seattle. and on IG @mommasmashley

Tara McDermott lives in West Seattle, am a member of Columbia City Gallery (now closed), and has a studio at Inscape Arts Building.

Instagram: @tazarat






Melissa Daw

“I work from my Idaho Falls home making custom leather goods (I’m originally from Seattle!) I make mostly guitar straps, but I also do bags, wallets, and anything else I can squeeze in.
This is a recent guitar strap I made for a friend. He and his wife named their daughter Parson after Gram Parsons from the Byrds. This is a tribute to her and her namesake.”

Visit Melco Leather’s Etsy Shop

Have something you’ve created that will make us smile? Please send your art to

Stay safe, healthy and wonderful.


Sarah E. Miller

Marshmallow-in-Chief of the Lonely Arts Club

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