Editor’s Note: I’m Proud of You

It’s super easy to be hard on ourselves. As artist-types, striving for the next thing is built in our nervous systems. Equal parts self-deprecation (we can’t dare to dream too much!) and self-indulgence seem to be needed in order to function as a creative person. We HAVE to be our own cheerleaders to move forward in a world that doesn’t celebrate artists as much as it should.

To be frank, no one else will celebrate my journey in interacting with such amazing people, so I might as well just jump in heart first. If it sounds self-indulgent or overly dramatic, then I will accept those titles with grace. I want to feel proud of what I’ve accomplished with a little money out of my pocket for website hosting fees and a whole-lotta-hustle for free this past year.

To date, Lonely Arts Club has published stories, essays, and art from the following amazing writers and artists:

Performance Reviews by Danielle Hayden

Personal Essay by Woody Schticks 

Art-Making Advice by Alyana Becker 

Performance Reviews by Tambre Massman

Art Reviews by Danielle Palmer-Friedman 

Artist Advice Column by Pam H

Show Introduction by Kacie Rahm 

Comic and Website Art by Blake Chamberlain

To date, I’ve personally conducted 20 interviews with 20+ astonishing people:

“What’s Your Story? Why Are You Up Here?” An Interview with Kayla Brown and Dan Hurwitz

“My art is often fully improvised which can make people uncomfortable,” An Interview with Madison Holland

Susie Lee and the Small Human Festival, a Festival for Actual Babies

“It’s exciting that something traditional can continue to evolve and remain fresh,” An Interview with Jennifer Fujimoto

Hot on the Oregon Trail: An Interview with Jim Stewart Allen

Immerse yourself in the Arts in Nature Festival at Seattle’s Only Campground

Welcome to the Beall, Buch & Kandell Detecting Agency

“The PNW is beautiful, resilient, and in some places wild and terrifying,” an Interview with Amanda Winterhalter

“This Is Weird. I Like it.” An interview with The Funhouse Family

A Heart and Art Collaboration: An Interview with Ellie and Akira Ohiso

Literary Classics and Sex-Positivity Collide in Noveltease Theatre

Erin Popelka’s Bingo For Fools takes the Pranks Business Very Seriously

Intersections Festival Amplifies Seattle’s Diverse Comedy Scene

“Culture can be so incredibly fragile yet permanent,” An Interview with Monyee Chau

“Because I love this so much, it really shined a light on what I needed to do,” An interview with Alyssa Yeoman

Bez-O’s Cereal and SR 99 Tunnel Innuendos: Meet Seattle’s Only Real Fake News Founder

“I refuse to love myself, I refuse to start a vlog,” An Interview with Max Delsohn

“Nearly Everything In my Poems Has Actually Happened,” an Interview with Sarah Galvin

LaCroix and Giant Neon Bananas: Meet Jeremy Buben and His FoodArt Collection

Warm Your Snow Queen Seattle Hearts with Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival

We’ve reached 100 posts on Instagram!

Not only is this where we showcase articles that are recently published, but we show off amazing murals and art around Seattle and beyond.

I’m really proud of what we’re creating, and I’m hoping this is the foundational start of something larger than myself in my own little corner of the universe.

Lonely Arts Club started on January 1st, 2019. I look forward to seeing what comes next and how we can create it together.


Sarah E. Miller, Marshmallow-in-Chief


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