Seattle Area Podcasts To Listen To While You Still Can Go Outside In Shorts

When we think of Seattle, we think of Starbucks on every corner (true), a smorgasbord of quirky arm and/or neck tattoos (also true), and a summer-time that just doesn’t know whether to wear short shorts or three layers of waterproof REI wear. In these final summer days, consider listening to these tried-and-true podcasts from your favorite local comedians and artists. 

When asked what was the most unexpected thing they’ve found while creating a podcast, here are some of their answers: 

Lindsay Kujawa of Flipping the Script

“Strangest thing I’ve learned: how many weird noises people make with their mouths. When you’re editing things you don’t realize how many sounds make on a daily basis that you jjust don’t catch normally. For me, I’ve found I breathe SUPER heavy, but other guests hit their tounges on their teeth really hard, or smack their lips. You can’t really control these things, but little things help like watching the mic placement.”

Listen to Flipping The Script Here!

Flipping The Script, is a podcast for educators, community theatre-makers and young artists all about creating theatre for modern audience, and inspiring you to make art that matters.

Ben Scott and Mike Graves of VHQuest

“The strangest thing about making a podcast, especially one that revolves around a specific niche like VHS collecting, is receiving messages from people around the world who care about the subject. People send us pictures of their latest thrift shop scores and craigslist finds. We have inspired people to buy their very first VCR, to uncover the trove of tapes in your grandparent’s basement, to relive the joy and warmth that tapes gave us as a kid. It’s wild to see such great community engagement from a community we thought was lost. And that gives us hope.
Remember. Be kind, please rewind.” – Ben Scott and Mike Graves

Linnea Ingalls of She is Fierce

“In terms of the most interesting/weirdest thing we’ve learned about doing a podcast so far….haha oh man. We’re still pretty new so I’m sure there are weirder things ahead…but I really was surprised about how little time it took to devolve into talking about the most embarrassing and grossest moment of my five year old self.


Sound Cloud

She is FIERCE: stories from the female and genderqueer perspective” is a recurring storytelling event where female-identified and genderqueer individuals of all demographics can share stories from their experiences that matter to them. In our podcast, you’ll hear stories from past events, interviews with storytellers, and the founders of She is Fierce share a few of their own stories. The podcast also features music from local female and genderqueer artists who have collaborated with She is Fierce in past events!

Evan Christopher of Save The D8

“The most interesting I have learned while creating the podcast is the amount of editing/energy I put in it as we kind of like an audio-tale with background music/soundscapes and sound effects of things while they happen to immerse the listeners and not the story.”


Save The D8 is a live play Dungeon and Dragons podcast where the story and the world is influenced by the listeners.

Monica Nevi of Hug Life 

“People calling it the wrong name. No, it’s not hugtown. It’s HugLife. Or trying to help old people figure out what a podcast is and how to listen to it. It’s like a radio show that you probably won’t really like grandpa.”

Monica Nevi and Mike Coletta are comedians originally from Seattle that want you to be positive. Each episode Monica, Mike, and sometimes a special guest positive spin something most people find daunting. Whether it’s traffic, air travel, or being forced into an awkward social situation, Monica and Mike will tell you why it’s great to be there!

Each episode also features lexical embraces (shout outs), good news stories, a very silly Internet quiz, and a charity we highlight at the end of the episode. You’re great! 

Sarah Skilling of For the Love of Sarah 

“I guess you could say the weirdest thing I discovered was how many people roll their eyes when you say you have a podcast, especially when you find out THAT person also has one”

For the Love of Sarah on Soundcloud

For the Love of Sarah on Itunes

Two funny ladies from Seattle take you on an invigorating journey through the trials and tribulations of Relationships and Dating Pop Culture.


Robert Speewack of PartyFish Media

The weirdest thing I’ve learned about podcasting is how easy and egalitarian it is, and also how siloed the podcasting community in Seattle is. Everyone is kind of doing their own thing, and my hope starting the network was to help bridge that gap in some way. There’s not much holding someone back from starting their own show other than having a unique idea with passion behind it and the energy and time to put into it. If you wanna start a show about VHS collecting, you can totally do that. Want to make your friends argue about movies? Also very doable.”

24 Flames Per Second 

24 Flames Per Second: 24 Flames Per Second is the film podcast that roasts the films you love most! Each week we invite someone to defend a beloved film classic, and match them against a pair of roasters whose mission is to burn the film to the ground. Cue the shouting matches. New episodes every Wednesday!


The NFFTY Podcast

The NFFTY Podcast: Welcome to the NFFTY podcast, a showcase of the best emerging filmmakers age 24 and under from all around the world! Film starts here, from NFFTY 2018 presented by Oculus in Seattle, WA.



Your Daily Cathartic Scream

Daily Cathartic Scream: A daily scream-along for the modern adult. Enjoy & scream along every day in your shower, on your commute, or with a friend!

Part of Party Fish Media.



Brian Toews of Funhouse Family Podcast

“The weirdest thing I’ve learned about doing my podcast is that I am a heavy nose breather and I am very self-conscious about it.”

Funhouse Family Podcast on Apple Podcasts

We create Adult Swim-like content for Seattle audiences. Our company produces irreverent and experimental original content characterized by a multi-genre format that reaches beyond traditional theatrical norms. Our live theatre, podcast, concert events, and filmed content serve as a rotating platform for diverse up-and-coming writers, directors, designers, and performers.

Clara Pluton of Hot Takes with Hot Dykes

“well HTHWD is a RADIO show and a podcast so we’ve learned so much AV knowledge to be able to get our show across all bandwidths and cyberwaves. Val came up with a conspiracy theory that the state of Florida has a stake in the Day Lights Saving Industrial Complex to keep their golf courses open later…. probably one of our weirder moments!”

Hot Takes with Hot Dykes on Apple Podcasts

We are a cool, real, lezbian comedy couple who are lavishly and overwhelmingly in love with each other, chunking out 2 hours of time every other week with ya’ll to dish the sapphic dirt. queer fantasia, interpreted through a modern lens, self criticism, public engagement. we want to be pushing ourselves to reinterpret, reassess, and reanalyze dyke culture that has been left before us. nothing exists in a vacuum and ya’ll know we love to process.

Silas Lindenstein of Black and a Half

“the weirdest thing I’ve noticed so far in creating a podcast is that I never realized how many weird vocal things people do in everyday life that I have to edit out when I do a podcast. little sounds they (or I) make while talking.”

Manny and Silas are Seattle comics who bring on a variety of guests to talk about the nerdy things they love, current events and comedy. They discuss these things from the perspectives of one black nerd and one half black geek.


Travis Vogt of The Suspense is Killing Us 

“The strangest thing about podcasting is the fact that hitting the record button actually somehow makes everything feel different. Our podcast is just three old friends talking about movies, something we’ve spent probably millions of hours doing together. We talk movies while sitting around the table before recording, we continue talking movies immediately after, but once I put the headphones on and hit the red button, everyone’s behavior changes slightly but unmistakably. I even get nervous sometimes, despite the fact that I do this all the time and the stakes couldn’t possibly be lower. Something about knowing it’ll be on record amplifies the moment in my head. It’s exciting, and I wish all my conversations were podcasts. Which probably makes me mentally disturbed.”

The Suspense is Killing Us on Itunes

Matt Lynch, Kevin Clarke and Travis Vogt dive into the wild world of oft-maligned thrillers from the 80s and 90s!

Other notable Seattle area podcasts:

Alyssa Yeoman of “The Roll Up” 

El Sanchez and Joshua Chambers of “How Bad Could it Be?”


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