Erin Popelka’s Bingo For Fools takes the Pranks Business Very Seriously

Mixing performance art, prizes, and pranks, Erin Popelka’s Bingo for Fools delivers fast-paced comedic fun on March 31st, 2019 (also known as April Fools Eve, respectively).

Erin Popelka has a background in business. Having an MBA and working in tech strategy, her fourth installment of bizarro bingo in Seattle showcases her love for office-related pranks, surrealist absurdity (Popelka recently bulk ordered multiple giant foam butts) and pouring much-needed silliness into our city.

With her installment of storytelling on Risk, creating pop-up museums at Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery, and multiple performances in a skeleton outfit or fish mask, Popelka has no qualms engaging and mystifying the crowd continuously.

When asked how this bingo venture started, Erin explains her vision from 2017,

“I was talking to a coworker, and we both wanted to do something creative outside of work. I had always wanted to do variety shows, and my coworker mentioned that he had seen a chaotic and secret bingo show in New York. We wanted to build our own version that was less secretive, and more prizes and joy, like Andy Kaufman taking his audience out for milk and cookies. I really like the idea of taking care of your audience, in that you’re giving something to them they’re not expected to receive. I want an element of surprise but also care.”

‘Bingo of Champions’, 2018

Popelka then goes on to explain her initial Halloween bingo run,

“Over 200 people came to the first bingo. We handed out ice cream while playing creepy ice cream music. The first one was super chaotic, but it was also a way to see what needed to be done. We had judges that were part of the show, one was a ‘night dentist’ who was a creepy dentist character, a burlesque clown, and Mary Fritz (the co-host and co-writer) and I were ghosts. It was a haunted bingo hall in which the audience was forced to play bingo forever.”

Hosts and co-writers Erin Popelka and Mary Fritz

After the overwhelming success of Halloween bingo, Popelka continued writing, producing and hosting two more bingos. There was ‘Bingo of Champions’ where participants got to arm wrestle Tonya Harding with Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a judge, and the ‘1985 Apocalypse’, in which the world was slowly ending, with doomsdayers, the horses of apocalypse and zombie-like possessions.

When asked what participants can expect for March 31st Bingo for Fools, Popelka prefers an element of mystery,

“I don’t want to give too much away. But Bingo for Fools is essentially an office team building activity that gets out of hand.”

Other expected highlights:

  • Likely a bulk order of butts
  • A costume contest where you dress up as you’re playing a prank on yourself
  • The bluegrass band, Evergreen Shakers
  • Contests and prizes from Archee McPhees, Ballyhoo Curiosity Shop, Anecdotes Pottery, Pike Brewing and more!
  • Mystery guests, and more!

Ready to play Bingo for Fools?

March 31st, 2019, Doors at 7pm – Bingo Starts at 7:30

Re-Bar, 1114 Howell St, Seattle, WA 98101

Tickets Purchased Here or at the Door $10 (includes one bingo card per round, additional cards can be purchased to support Be:Seattle)

Door tickets are CASH ONLY/Bar is CASH ONLY

Erin Popelka is an overall mischief-maker who got her cat ordained as a minister, recreated David Hasselhoff’s performance at the fall of the Berlin Wall, and opened the Seattle Parasite Museum (the world’s 2nd largest parasite museum). Secretly a business person and cold-water swimmer, Erin also produces and hosts themed Bingo shows with a live bluegrass band, lots of confetti, and general mayhem. You can also find her swimming in the sound year-round, and driving around Seattle with a full-sized skeleton in the back seat.

Sarah E. Miller is a freelance writer, dabbler, collaborator, and an occasionally funny lady. She spends her days writing for a wide variety of people, visiting all the museums, helping creative people expand their visions and dreaming-scheming up big ideas. She is also the Founder and Marshmallow-in-Chief of the Lonely Arts Club. 


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