Editor’s Note: Welcome to the Lonely Arts Club!

My name is Sarah E. Miller and I’m the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Lonely Arts Club!

It’s taken me a few tries to write this note because I want to get it just right. Much like the arts though, creation isn’t about perfection, it’s often about the experiment of putting yourself out there—in all of its flawed vulnerable glory. Gulp!

However, since this is “the launch”, I want to write a little bit about myself and the club, and answer some overarching questions that are, quite frankly, still in the process of being formed as we go.

Who I am:

I’m an audience member, used-to-be-Seattle-arts-business-owner (for years I owned a quirky greeting card business which was fittingly named, “Sasquatch Says Hello”), and currently a freelance writer. I also work in a museum and find community building through sharing stories of this fascinating corner of the US.

Yes, that means I have several jobs at any given time and participate in the gig economy just like a lot of you. I respect the hustle!

To be honest, this publication is going to challenge me deeply. I am an introvert weirdo with a fear of public speaking. I’m continuously in awe of all of you who put yourself out there. I’m going to push myself to go out of my comfort zone so I can connect with you. This truly means that you may have a fan lurking in the corner at one of your shows, probably near the snacks.

What this is:

This online magazine (for now!), is aiming to be curated, inclusive, safe, and a self-aware space for us to not just showcase what is happening in the city, but actively be a part of it. Yes, it’s going to be silly, and sometimes incredibly serious, and possibly a learning experience for everyone involved (especially me). I want this to reflect the intricate, bittersweet and beautiful people and happenings around the greater Seattle area, and that will mean some thought-provoking experimentation.

We’re keeping this small and intimate for a reason. We want to highlight extraordinary people doing super interesting things, and can that mean not showing off everything this city has to offer (you have larger publications for that!). Also, too many choices can be mind-numbing. We’re instead trying for quality over quantity.

Who you are:

An audience member, regular-joe, funny person, author, comedian, artist, arts activist, musician, arts business owner or community builder who wants more out of our city. You want to participate in this by submitting ideas, getting more information by emailing us: (lonelyartsclubseattle@gmail.com) or going to shows and reviewing things. Maybe you have a hot lead on something new that is happening. Maybe you have a beautiful essay idea. We want to know!

An extra note:

We are all flawed human beings. If you find something that is grammatically incorrect or has the wrong date, please let us know!

If your criticism goes deeper, louder, and angrier, I understand and respect your chutzpah but you will also have to respect my own and my team’s boundaries in creating this foundation.

This also goes for rejected submissions. Starting something from scratch is absolutely intimidating. That means I need to steer this ship as thoughtfully as I know how, and that may mean not everything under the “Seattle Arts” umbrella will go into this website. This has no reflection upon you as an artist in this city, I promise.

If this message moves you in any way, I would love for you to reach out, to share our little-website-that-could, and to participate in building an interconnected, passionate and free-forming community that we’re all trying to be a part of as we speak.

Welcome to the club!

Sarah “Elephant Heart” Miller

Sarah E. Miller is a freelance writer, dabbler, collaborator, and an occasionally funny lady. She spends her days writing for various blogs, helping creative people expand their visions, and dreaming up big ideas while trying to put those dreams into action. She is also now the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Lonely Arts Club. A fancy title for an almost fancy lady!

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