Bergfriedhof in heidelberg: grave with a view

The cemetery on the former vineyard is one of the most beautiful churchyards in Germany. Even from a distance, the terraced grounds are striking.

Jewish cemetery at the Bergfriedhof am Ameisenbuckel in Heidelberg Photo: Werner Otto/imago

In pre-Corona times, a visit to Heidelberg’s old town could be quite exhausting. Hordes of tourists meandered through the narrow streets, flooded the countless souvenir stores with an extremely high kitsch factor or almost went into ecstasy at the sight of the romantic Heidelberg Castle. They purposefully stormed the restaurants and reliably occupied every tourist hotspot that one would have liked to take a look at oneself in peace.

Colson whitehead’s “the nickel boys”: inside the house of lies.

Abuse and racism were systemic at the Dozier School for Boys in Florida. This is what Colson Whitehead’s "The Nickel Boys" is about.

Bloodstains on the wall of the "White House" at the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys Photo: imago images/ZUMA Press

Political novels are an ambivalent matter. They are suspected of using the means of literature as an instrument of propaganda. James Baldwin’s severe verdict on Harriet Beecher Stowe’s famous anti-slavery novel "Uncle Tom’s Cabin" is well known.

College football ahead of season finale: chaos ahead

The college football season is a superspreader event with little athletic value. Now it’s time to do away with the outdated structures.

Contentious: Justin Fields and the Ohio State Buckeyes are in the semifinals despite playing fewer games Photo: AJ Mast/ap

Even in ordinary years, college football is a confusing pleasure. A not inconsiderable part of the fun is debating anew each winter whether the process used to determine which university in the great country has the best football team makes any sense at all, or at least a little.

Mountain idyll on elba: between mines and sea

Once Monte Calamita was famous for ore mining. The mines shaped the region. Now the mountain calls vacationers who are looking for more than just beaches on Elba.

Hard past: Ore mining has shaped the region Photo: Bertrand Rieger

When the sun sets on Monte Calamita, the iron ore begins to sparkle. The black-red stones lie everywhere on the ground, with fragrant helichrysum, also known as curryweed, growing in between. The skeleton of a rusted winding tower towers above everything. In the background, hills carved by ore mining spread out. Below them are hidden coves with pebble beaches. In front of them is the blue sea and, in the middle of it, the small island of Monte Christo.

Mining accident in soma, turkey: prison sentences for those responsible

It has been four years since the fatal mining accident in Turkey. A court sentenced several of those responsible to long prison terms.

Rows of open graves, shortly after the mine accident in May 2014 Photo: dpa

Four years after the mining accident that killed 301 people in Soma, Turkey, several people responsible have been sentenced to long prison terms. A court in the western Turkish city of Akhisar sentenced former mine chief Can Gurkan to 15 years in prison on Wednesday, Turkey’s state-run Anadolu and Dogan news agencies reported.

Argentina threatened by corona poverty: basic income for millions

For more than four months, Argentina has been suffering from the lockdown, with half of the population threatened with poverty. Now the social system is being discussed anew.

Half of the population is threatened by poverty, like this demonstrator in Buenos Aires Photo: Agustin Marcarian/reuters

In Argentina, the dramatic increase in poverty has accelerated the discussion about the introduction of a basic income. According to estimates, half of the 45 million inhabitants will live below the poverty line after the Corona pandemic.

Mountain thriller on zdf: big rocks, small story

ZDF is trying its hand at a mountain thriller again: "Die Tote im Eis". The result is a beautifully filmed, but unfortunately rather crude story.

Secretly afraid of heights: Gregor (Benjamin Sadler). Image: ZDF

Oh, family! You Schufa entry in individual life design, you Achilles heel of self-confidence. What would art and the culture industry do without you, you constructed group of people of the most diverse colors, who are supposed to be chained to each other forever and ever, just because at some point in the distant past a man and a woman had unprotected sexual intercourse with each other?

Mountain stages at the tour de france: shy mountain fex

Despite crash blisters, a mature Emanuel Buchmann wants to challenge the best pro cyclists in the Tour de France. He is in good shape.

No chatterbox, but all the faster on the bike: Emauel Buchmann, mountain rider Photo: dpa/Bernd Thissen

A pandemic like this can also have its advantages. The mouth-nose protection that Tour de France riders have to pull over their puffing face openings immediately after crossing the finish line seems to have been made for Emanuel Buchmann. In his six years as a pro, the son of a carpenter from Ravensburg has never spoken for as long as he does now under the protection of the mask.

Debate on headscarves in the civil service: battle for heads

Female teachers are now allowed to wear religious symbols in Berlin. The fact that religion is practiced in public also presents an opportunity.

Outside Berlin, female teachers wearing headscarves were still rare, but at least they were allowed Photo: Jens Kalaene/dpa

For more than 20 years, we have been debating the headscarf in the teaching profession in this country. In 1998, Fereshta Ludin, a trainee teacher, began her long march through the courts because the state of Baden-Wurttemberg would not hire her if she wore a headscarf.

College football in the usa: for god and donald trump

The evangelical Liberty University once made Donald Trump’s success possible. After his defeat, the university’s own football team wins.

Cheering after the kick: Liberty player Alex Barbier celebrates his field goal and lets himself be celebrated Photo: ap

No surprise, in fact, the reaction of sports stars to the election results in the U.S. was largely unified. Basketball player LeBron James, for example, posted a picture of himself with a victory cigar, and world footballer Megan Rapinoe explicitly thanked black women voters.